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At 1031 Exchange Place, our 1031 advisors have been working with clients since 1997 to help facilitate exchanges, protect income from unnecessary taxes, and safeguard investments according to IRS rules. Think of us as your 1031 advocates – we’re here to help bring clarity so you can make the most of your exchange. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to open your exchange or with your questions. 1-800-USA-1031

1031 Exchange Services

We are a Qualified Intermediary (QI) and 1031 exchange advisors. A 1031 can be a complex transaction, and if it is not executed properly, you could be responsible for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes owed to the IRS. Our 1031 exchange services help you defer, or in some cases even eliminate, the taxes owed on capital gains from a real estate sale. In a typical transaction, the property owner is taxed on any gain realized from the sale, even if you are planning to invest those gains. Sellers who plan to reinvest proceeds should reinvest that money in real estate in order to benefit from all the proceeds. When you work with a QI, we receive and disburse the funds earned on your relinquished property until you purchase the replacement property, a requirement by the IRS to get the tax deferment. Here’s how a basic exchange goes:

So what is our role in a typical exchange?

  1. Provide a free consultation to ensure you and (any advisor) do the right type of exchange for your circumstances, understand any important steps before closing on your relinquished property
  2. Provide instructions and the appropriate documents to the escrow or title company concerning the exchange to be signed at the closing of your relinquished property
  3. Hold your exchange proceeds in a FDIC-insured, and segregated bank account while you search for and  ID suitable replacement property
  4. Our replacement property assistance program is offered to those who need it
  5. You’ll identify replacement property in writing during your 45 day period
  6. Within your 180 period, we coordinate with your title company and transfer funds on the close of your replacement property
  7. Exchange funds can only be released to a bonafide real estate closing and with the exchanger’s signed release

Replacement Property Assistance

If you are an investor looking to sell current property or real estate that you own, but you are not sure where or how you will reinvest the money that you make on the sale, our services for 1031 exchanges include analysis and research to help you identify suitable 1031 properties that fit your current investment strategy and fit well in your overall portfolio. Since 1031 exchanges have strictly mandated time requirements, it can be stressful to find just the right property before losing out on the benefits of the 1031 exchange. The experts at 1031 Exchange Place can review your investment objectives, risk tolerance, property and location parameters, and other criteria. Our team has extensive experience in popular replacement property options like Tenant-in-Common (TIC)Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST), and Net Lease (NNN) properties.

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Free Consultation

If you’re considering doing a 1031 exchange, we offer a free consultation to discuss whether a 1031 could work for you. We’ll help you plan for your upcoming sale to make sure the exchange process is as smooth as possible. Please note that we cannot give legal or tax advice.

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