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Investment Trust

An Investment Trust refers to a legally recognized trust that’s created for the purpose of business, especially investment. Delaware Statutory Trusts are often used for investment purposes, including holding, managing, administering, investing, or operating a property, assets, or business.

In an Investment Trust structure, investors buy shares in the trust, and the trust then uses those funds to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets, which may include real estate, securities, or other investment vehicles. The trust is managed by professional managers or trustees, who make decisions on behalf of the investors.

The DST structure offers several advantages, such as limited liability for investors, potential tax benefits, and flexibility in terms of ownership and operation. In Delaware, these trusts are governed by a specific set of laws and regulations that provide a framework for their creation, operation, and dissolution, helping to create a favorable environment for investment.

Investment Trusts under the DST umbrella can be an attractive option for investors seeking to pool resources and invest in assets that may be otherwise out of reach for individual investors. It also allows for more streamlined and potentially efficient management of those assets, with the trust itself acting as a separate legal entity.