Kansas 1031 TIC Properties

Family Dollar – Great Bend

$50,000 Minimum Investment

 Current Yield: 7.50%

NN Lease – 10 years

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Property Info

Tenant: Family Dollar
Address: 1015 S 10th St, Great Bend, KS
Year Build: 2013
Total Sq Ft.: 8,320
Property Type: Single Tenant, Freestanding
Ownership Type: TIC
Non-Accredited Investors: Yes
Minimum Investment: $50,000

Talk to an Advisor: 1-800-872-1031

Property Overview

This Kansas TIC property is perfect for those in a 1031 exchange looking for replacement property without management headaches. The tenant-in-common structure allows this property to be available to exchangors with as little as $50,000 in their exchange. Family Dollar is a strong tenant with more than 14,000 locations throughout the nation. Family Dollar properties use a landlord-friendly net-lease structure and in this case the tenant is responsible for everything outside of the roof, structure and parking lot. Family Dollar retail stores are an attractive combination of a long-term lease and a growing market concept that continues to capture value-conscious shoppers, which increases store productivity. In Q4 of 2017, Family Dollar’s gross profit increased 16.3% to $2.10 billion compared to $1.81 billion in Q4 the previous year. Contact us for info on current TIC Properties >>>

Tenant Info

Tenant: Family Dollar
Revenues / Credit Rating: $10.55 billion / BBB-
Ticker Symbol: FDO
Website: familydollar.com

Lease Info

Type: NN
Term: 10 years
Corp. Guaranteed Lease: Yes
Rent Commencement: June 2013
Lease Expiration: October 2023
Owner Responsibility: Roof, Structure, Parking Lot
Tenant Responsibility: Taxes, Insurance, Utilities, Maintenance
Renewal Options: (6) 5-year renewal options
Rent Escalations: 10% w/ each option period


Location: Great Bend, Kansas
Population: 15,840
Median Household Income: $42,222
Median Home Value $88,889
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