Open a 1031 Exchange

There are three stages to completing a 1031 exchange. The first stage is to establish the account, complete the sale, and purchase the replacement property. The proceeds of the sale of your relinquished property is held in escrow in a segregated and secure account until needed for the purchase of your replacement property.

Step 1: Set up an Account

Personal Information

Names (if multiple owners)

Property Information

Legal Name on Deed
Authorized Signers
Address of Property
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Title Company Contact Person
Financial Advisory

Financial Advisor

Once you have submitted the above information, your exchange account is established. One half of our fee will be charges on the closing of your relinquished property and one-half at the time of closing of your replacement property.

Step 2: Sale of Relinquished Property

The following information will need to be provided at or just before the sale of your property. One of our service team will work closely with you to meet these requirements and gather the information.

  • A copy of the real estate purchase and sale agreement.
  • Exchange Agreement
  • Letter to title company or closing attorney
  • Assignment of purchase & sale agreement to 1031 Exchange Place, LC 

Step 3: Purchase of Replacement Property

  • Identification of potential replacement property (multiple candidates)
  • Place replacement property (one or more) under contract
  • Assign purchase & sale contract to 1031 Exchange Place, LC
  • Obtain financing (if applicable)
  • Close on replacement property (one or more)

Our commitment is to communicate with you every step of the way, assume as much of the load as possible, and make the entire exchange process a pleasant one.