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Tenant (Tenancy) In Common Interest

A fractional ownership interest in a piece of property, rather than owning the entire piece of property. A separate, undivided fractional interest in the property. A tenants-in-common interest is made up of two or more individuals, who have equal rights of possession. Co-tenants’ interests may be equal or unequal and may be created at different times and through the use of different conveyances. Each co-tenant has the right to dispose of or encumber his or her interest without the agreement of the other co-tenants. He or she cannot, however, encumber the entire property without the consent of all of the co-tenants. In an IRC Section 1031 Exchange, an exchangor may acquire a tenancy-in-common interest with one or more other investors, as his or her like-kind replacement property. For purposes of IRC Section 1031 Exchanges, a co-tenancy must only engage in investment activities, including supporting services that would typically accompany the investment. Co-tenants that are engaging in separate business activities are treated as partnerships by the I.R.S.