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1031 Exchange Services & More Investment Options
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Do Your Investments Require a Re-Evaluation as Your Life Priorities Change?

If you are approaching retirement or other life milestones, your investment properties may need to be sold or exchanged to meet your changing income needs, risk preferences, and investment goals. Are you considering these factors when reviewing your investment property wealth?

  • Unnecessary Taxes

    Implementing a strategic plan for your investment properties may aid in delaying taxes that could negatively impact your cash flows and risk-adjusted returns, even when utilizing a 1031 Exchange.

    Are you able to satisfy the necessary prerequisites for successfully carrying out a 1031 Exchange?

  • Concentration Risk

    When you trade one specific property for another, it may not provide you with a diversified wealth portfolio capable of mitigating risks associated with geographic location, property categories, or various economic variables.

    Does your investment approach enable you to distribute your wealth among diverse properties?

  • Investment Quality Risk

    Certain investors may lack the advanced knowledge necessary to adequately evaluate individual investment prospects and sponsors. Additionally, they may not possess sufficient purchasing capacity to gain access to commercial real estate.

    Do you possess the ability to carry out comprehensive due diligence prior to making an investment decision?

  • Continued Landlord Burdens

    Investing passively in real estate could alleviate the responsibilities of being a landlord that often prevent you from spending time with loved ones or engaging in your favorite activities and hobbies.

    Could this be the right moment to transition into passive property management?

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More Time for What You Love

When planning for retirement, it’s crucial to consider a diverse range of options to ensure financial security. One such option is real estate investment, an appealing avenue that offers numerous advantages. 

It can be especially beneficial for retiring couples, enabling them to use 1031 exchanges to optimize & diversify their portfolios, provide a consistent income stream, save a significant amount of money on taxes, and provide a great return when you decide to sell because of appreciation of the property.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in real estate and 1031 exchanges is that they can free up your time. With the right property management in place, you can collect rent and manage properties with minimal time and effort. This leaves you with more time to enjoy your retirement, whether that means traveling, spending time with family, pursuing hobbies, or anything else that brings you joy.

What Are You Exchanging?

With a 1031 exchange you can effortlessly transition from one income-producing asset to another, expanding your portfolio and securing your financial future and having more time for those things that are most important to you.

Defer Capital Gains with Our 1031 Exchange Services and Find Suitable 1031 Properties

As a real estate investor or someone who uses real estate as part of your retirement portfolio strategy, you should never have to pay taxes on the gains from a sale when you intend to reinvest that income immediately into another piece of real estate. If you want to save your tax dollars and make the most of your investment, seek the 1031 exchange services of 1031 Exchange Place. 1031 exchanges (named for the IRS code that stipulates the rule) allow you to defer the capital gains tax (which is often nearly 30%) from real property sales when you reinvest all the proceeds into a like-kind property.

Generate Secure and Consistent Income Without the Headaches

Many property owners are looking to wind down from properties that require their constant time and attention (read: toilets, tenants, and trash). Many of these property owners know they don’t want to pay a large sum in taxes but also aren’t sure what their options are. Since 1997 we’ve specialized in helping such investors find investment-grade properties that will provide peace of mind and consistent monthly income. We’ve uniquely built a team to cover all the bases.  Talk to us about how TIC (Tenants In Common), DST (Delaware Statutory Trust), and NNN (Triple Net Lease). 1031 properties can help diversify your real estate portfolio with properties that provide a passive and secure monthly income. We also specialize in providing investment options for non-accredited investors.

A Trusted Partner in 1031 Exchanges

To establish a robust investment strategy for 1031 exchanges, one must comprehend the applicable rules and regulations, optimize investments for proper tax deferment, and collaborate with a Qualified Intermediary (QI) at 1031 Exchange Place.

These transactions can be complex. It is necessary that the sale proceeds go directly to a QI, who can hold them until they are delivered for a replacement property. By working with the QI, you, as the taxpayer, will not receive the funds directly and will not be taxed for them.

We have 1031 exchange-qualified intermediaries who can review the rules with you. They will ensure that your property meets the guidelines set by the IRS code for real estate exchange. Furthermore, they can even assist you in finding replacement properties that align with your investment strategy and are a good fit in your portfolio.

Work With the 1031 Exchange Experts

When you are ready to begin your 1031 exchange in Florida, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Illinois, Kansas, Washington, Florida, Arizona, Utah, California, or anywhere else, we are here to help, with some of the lowest fees in the country, starting at just $695. We can assist you in complying with current law, protecting your investment to ensure tax deferment, and ensuring that funds remain safe while your transaction is processed. Don’t risk being subject to capital gains taxes—contact us today.