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1031 Exchange Reviews

Our 1031 Exchange Review page is designed to help you make informed decisions about this complex and nuanced process. By sharing real-life experiences and opinions from other investors, you can gain a better understanding of what to expect when undergoing a 1031 exchange. Our reviews cover a range of topics, including the services provided at 1031 Exchange Place, the ease of the process, and the level of customer support unrivaled by anyone else in the industry.

We believe that transparency and honesty are essential in any investment process, and this page provides just that. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or new to the game, our reviews can help you make informed decisions and find the right 1031 exchange replacement property to meet your needs. Browse our customer reviews to gain valuable insights and make your 1031 exchange experience a success.

Nate is a valuable resource. He expertly guided me through the complicated process of a 1031 exchange, taking the time to explain everything in a way that was easy to understand. His knowledge, passion, and professionalism are unmatched, and I am incredibly grateful for his help. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Nate and his services to anyone seeking expert guidance on 1031 exchanges.

Nate is a highly knowledgeable and professional 1031 exchange expert. He provided exceptional service throughout the process, always available to answer questions and provide guidance. His approach was thorough, ensuring that I fully understood every aspect of the 1031 exchange and the various investment opportunities available. He was always transparent, providing detailed spreadsheets to help me compare and make informed decisions. Throughout the ups and downs of the selling process, Nate remained patient and made necessary changes quickly. He worked closely with the title company to ensure all regulations were met, making the transfer of funds seamless. I was thoroughly impressed with Nate's service and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a 1031 exchange. Furthermore, he has knowledge of investment opportunities beyond 1031 exchanges that offer competitive returns. I am confident in his ability to provide sound financial advice and would not hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Nate and Gary have displayed exceptional professionalism. I had previously been working with another 1031 expert but was disappointed with their lack of information. A neighbor recommended Nate and Gary, and after several in-person meetings and phone conversations, I was thoroughly impressed. What sets Nate apart is his ability to provide a comprehensive comparison of investment options through a detailed spreadsheet. He has educated me on maximizing my investment while strictly adhering to 1031 regulations. They are undoubtedly the best professionals to work with.

Nate and Gary have exceeded expectations in their service. They helped me avoid a hefty 80k IRS bill by expertly structuring a TIC and DST replacement investment. From my initial phone call with Nate, I was impressed by his patience and comprehensive understanding of 1031 exchanges. After meeting with them at their Midvale, Utah office, I was further amazed by their straightforward approach and the wealth of information and investment options they presented. I highly recommend these professionals to anyone seeking a 1031 Exchange.

Nate is exceptional! I reached out with some questions and received a comprehensive lesson on 1031 exchanges and more. I was blown away by his vast knowledge, professionalism, and passion. I will definitely be conducting all of my real estate transactions through 1031 Exchange Place thanks to Nate. Thank you again!

Nate and team were great to work with. Highly recommend!

Using 1031 Exchange Place, my initial 1031 exchange was successfully completed with remarkable ease, and all of my questions were addressed throughout the process.

I received a prompt and helpful response from 1031 Exchange Place. They addressed all of my questions and assisted me in navigating a simultaneous 1031 exchange.

Great information and a very prompt reply to questions.

The team was incredible and extremely supportive. I had a complex 1031 Exchange inquiry and reached out for assistance. Nate promptly addressed all my concerns and guided me in creating a solid plan for my next steps. I strongly suggest them.

For many years, we owned a pair of small rental houses. As our property manager was retiring, we opted to sell the properties. During our research on 1031 exchanges, we stumbled upon 1031 Exchange Place and reached out to Nate. We were impressed with Nate's professionalism and expertise right from the start. With the help of Nate and his colleague Ivan, we were able to successfully invest in three qualifying opportunities. Brian, another colleague, skillfully managed the 1031 money transfer to meet all the 1031 filing deadlines. All three gentlemen were a pleasure to collaborate with, and we are delighted with our decision to work with them.

The Nate & Ivan team were my partners in a successful 1031 exchange. Their extensive experience, broad knowledge and clear explanations were invaluable in guiding me through the process, even though I had already done extensive research myself. Their courtesy, professionalism and attention to detail impressed me greatly, and I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Working with Nate and Ivan was a pleasure. They provided patient guidance and handled my requests with care. Their calm and professional demeanor was evident each time I reached out to them, and they always responded promptly and satisfactorily. I found them to be excellent partners and would definitely like to work with them again in the future.

I phoned Nate to gather information for a presentation I am preparing for my boss, who sits on a committee. Although I was unfamiliar with the subject matter, Nate was exceptionally helpful and patiently answered my numerous questions. He never made me feel like a burden and even took the initiative to send me an email detailing the workings of a 1031 Exchange. Additionally, he reminded me that his company could assist with a specific deal that my boss is interested in pursuing, if we decide to go that route.

Initially, I reached out to Nate seeking advice on conducting a 1031 exchange from a single-family dwelling to a DST or TIC due to my desire to move away from landlording. Nate generously provided me with insights on available properties that would suit my requirements. Despite several months passing before my property was ready for sale, Nate didn't forget about me and initiated the process. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the sale fell through twice. Nevertheless, Nate demonstrated remarkable patience and continued to support me, ultimately connecting me with a TIC right after the transaction was completed. I would not hesitate to work with him again.

Nate provided us with clear information throughout our first 1031 exchange and kept us updated from start to finish. The transaction went very smoothly, and we would definitely use their services again.

Nate gave me excellent, expert advice! Highly recommend!

If you need to do a 1031 exchange, we highly recommend Nate and his team. They were great to work with and made it very easy and simple for us to roll the money from selling our residential property into a TIC.

I am pleased to award Nate five stars for his exceptional kindness, knowledge, patience, and professionalism. Recently, I found myself in a difficult position where I needed to either perform a 1031 exchange or face a daunting $30,000 tax bill. In the current competitive real estate market, I was uncertain if I would be able to locate another residence. Thankfully, my 1031 qualified intermediary referred me to Nate, who devoted considerable time to discussing alternative investments with me, particularly TICs. Nate was incredibly knowledgeable on the subject matter and readily addressed all my queries regarding this type of investment. Although I was able to acquire a residence, which was my ultimate objective, had that not been the case, I would have undoubtedly reached an agreement with Nate. I appreciate how easy it was to work with Nate, and I admire his lack of pressure tactics. I felt entirely at ease working with him. Thank you for everything, Nate!

Working with Nate and Gary has been an absolute pleasure. When I retired and was forced to sell a few of my properties due to a lease option, I was at a loss as I faced a hefty tax bill of 80k unless I opted for a 1031 exchange. However, being retired meant I didn't have a lot of money for a down payment and didn't have a verifiable income to acquire a new loan for a commercial property of equal value to qualify for the 1031 exchange. One day, while browsing the internet, I stumbled upon an ad for "1031 Exchange Place." I reached out to them and was pleasantly surprised by Nate's unique and great options to help me qualify for the 1031 exchange. After a few phone conversations, my wife, a friend in the real estate industry, and I met with Nate and Gary at their offices in Sandy, Utah. We were all impressed by the warm reception and the detailed and professional manner in which they presented their investment opportunities to us. Since then, we have received our first distribution directly in our bank accounts and are pleased with the type of maintenance-free investment that they set us up with.

Nate is AMAZING! Incredibly knowledgeable and extremely patient!!!

As a first-time participant in a 1031 exchange, I was uncertain about what to anticipate. Fortunately, Nate, the professional assisting me, was excellent at clarifying the process, answering my detailed inquiries, and outlining how it would function. Following that, I was introduced to Brian Greene, who promptly answered all of my phone calls and returned them when necessary. I wholeheartedly endorse utilizing the services of 1031 Exchange Place for any 1031-related requirements. I will recommend my real estate colleagues to use this firm for their 1031 needs as well. Nate and Brian, thank you for providing me with exceptional service!

After completing my 1031 exchange, I acquired my DSTs via 1031 Exchange Place, and I found their expertise and professionalism to be exceptional. Based on my positive experience, I intend to collaborate with them again for my upcoming transactions. I highly recommend them.

Nate provided prompt and valuable assistance via email. Their knowledge was impressive, and they explained in detail what steps I needed to take to address my situation. I am truly grateful for their help.

Nate was extremely helpful, clear, thorough, and calm.

Due to the debt I had to carry into the transaction, my 1031 exchange proved to be a highly complex and challenging process. However, Nate went above and beyond to resolve the issue. He skillfully divided the 1031 into two deals and sought the assistance of Ivan West to manage one portion of the transaction while he took care of the other. Together, they successfully resolved the problem, and I now have my 1031 exchange funds invested in two deals that meet my needs perfectly. Their excellent work and dedication made this possible, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to invest in rental properties or high-risk deals. I am completely satisfied with the outcome of their hard work and appreciate their efforts. Thank you both for your exceptional service.

Super comfortable to know we were working w/ Nate & team; and to know it wasn't his 1st time through this process. Thank you all.

Today, I had a phone conversation with Nate where he enlightened me on TICs since I am new to this area and looking to explore my options. His consultation lasted almost an hour and he extensively discussed TIC exchanges with me. I am grateful for his time and for his advisory manner. Nate's enthusiasm and passion for the services they offer were evident during our conversation.

When I first entered into this transaction, I was largely unaware of the 1031 exchange process. Fortunately, Nate provided me with patient guidance, walking me through all the necessary steps and helping me devise an excellent exchange plan. Throughout the process, Nate was consistently on top of things, and as a result, both transactions were executed flawlessly. I'm grateful to Nate for his invaluable assistance.

Great company. They handled a difficult situation perfectly. I will definitely use again. Highly recommend!

Easy to work with. Helped us get our exchange done. Would recommend!

Great Experience! Would happily do business with them when the time is right.

Very helpful in providing details of how the system works and took the process from sale with the escrow company to purchase of exchange property.

Very good accessible & helpful. Competitive rate. Strong recommendation!

I received assistance from Nate in identifying investment options for my 1031 exchange, and I'm very pleased with his services. Nate is prompt and courteous in his responses, and he invested the time to understand my investment goals and keep me informed of potential opportunities. I've worked with Nate since 2019, purchasing and selling properties, and every interaction has been positive.

As newcomers to the realm of 1031 exchanges, my wife and I received clear explanations from Nate and his associates, who were always happy to answer our questions. Their assistance made the entire process smooth and even enjoyable. We had a delightful experience working with these individuals and highly recommend them to anyone considering 1031 exchanges.

This marked my initial encounter with a 1031 exchange, and I must confess that I felt somewhat apprehensive about delving into the real estate sector. Nevertheless, I was determined not to hand over a significant portion of my funds to the state and federal government. I am sincerely grateful to Jeff from Realitynet Advisors for offering exceptional service, and Nate from 1031 Exchange Place for his patience in answering all my inquiries. He supplied me with invaluable resources, and his guidance made me feel confident about making this decision. I highly endorse these professionals for anyone seeking a 1031 exchange.

1031 Exchange Place is an exceptional organization that caters to all your capital investment needs, delivering outstanding returns on investment. With their nationwide coverage, they are the go-to company for investment properties. Their prompt and efficient services are unparalleled, making 1031 Exchange Place the top choice for investment property seekers.

Nathan is great to work with and very professional. He knows how to pick a great property to invest in!

I had to execute a 1031 exchange, but the company I had previously used in San Diego had relocated and increased their exchange fee to $1250. In my search for a new company to complete the transaction, I stumbled upon 1031 Exchange Place through an internet search. Although initially hesitant about conducting business over the internet, I reached out to Nate Leavitt, who provided me with positive business and customer references. I have utilized Nate's services twice in the last two years for exchange transactions and have also used 1031 Exchange Place to diversify and reinvest my proceeds. The exchange processes were executed smoothly without any hiccups, and all reporting documents were approved by my CPA. I would like to express my gratitude to Nate for his excellent services.