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Can I Sell My DST Investment Before The End Of The Holding Period?

No, if you have invested in a DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) and have not yet reached the end of the holding period, you typically cannot sell your investment before the end of the holding period. DST investments are designed as long-term investment vehicles, and the holding period can range from several years to over a decade.

During the holding period, DST investments are illiquid, meaning that it can be challenging to sell your investment or withdraw your funds before the end of the holding period. This is because the DST sponsor has typically invested the funds in underlying real estate assets, which are not easily liquidated.

However, some DSTs may have provisions that allow for early redemption, but this is not guaranteed, and there may be significant fees or penalties for doing so.

Therefore, before investing in a DST, it is essential to thoroughly research the investment, the holding period, and any potential restrictions on selling or withdrawing your investment before the end of the holding period. It is also crucial to consult with a financial advisor to assess whether a DST investment aligns with your overall investment goals and risk tolerance.