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1031 Exchange Place has been serving the 1031 industry and clients from all around the country since 1997. As qualified intermediaries, we help our clients defer unnecessary taxes when selling their property. For clients needing assistance finding suitable replacement property, we have 1031 property experts that specialize specifically in passive-income-generating properties like TIC, DST, and NNN properties. We invite you to talk to an advisor by either sending us a message or calling 1-800-USA-1031.

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At 1031 Exchange Place, we’re your advocate throughout the 1031 exchange process. Rather than simply preparing proper paperwork, our objective is to make sure all your questions are answered and that you make the most of your exchange. We do this by taking the time to understand your specific situation and working closely with you along the way. Whether you’re in a city like Sacramento, San Francisco-Oakland, all the way down in San Diego, or in a rural California town, we have 20 years of experience in the industry to help you make the most of your exchange. We invite you to talk to a 1031 advisor to see how we can help!

1031 Properties in California

If you’re like many exchangors, you may not be settled on a specific replacement property for your exchange. In our experience, most exchangers in this situation are usually looking for 1031 properties that will provide them with secure monthly income – without management headaches. We provide clients with access to the nation’s largest selection of Tenants-In-Common (TIC) properties, a very substantial private network of NNN triple-net lease properties, as well as the most popular DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) investments. Our 1031 advisors can provide a comprehensive selection of 1031 properties. As we aid you in the 1031 process, we’ll gain an understanding of the types of investments that will best meet your needs. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you find top-tier 1031 replacement property.

California Real Estate in 2018

For the first time in a long time, Realtor.com reports that California markets aren’t fully dominating the nation’s hottest markets. In fact, the Golden State has even relinquished its long-standing top spot. Each month, realtor.com ranks the top metro areas according to where homes sell the quickest and associated traffic to their site is the highest. Historically, California has had the greatest share of the top 20 spots out of any state. Even though 11 of the top 20 markets in March could be found in California, in April, that tally had fallen to only six – which is the lowest number since their ranking began in 2013.

Many are saying that this year, the biggest consideration in the primary California markets is your investment strategy and, more specifically, how long you plan to be invested. Reports have suggested that now may be a great time to invest in California property if you rehab homes, are a home builder wrapping up a project, a speculator who will flip an acquisition, or you’re splitting your property into several rentals, Essentially, if your investment horizon is only a couple of years, California isn’t a bad place to be. However, if you’re a builder or developer with a multi-year project, if you intend to buy and hold rental property, or if you are investing with the intention of selling in 5+ years, you might be cautious of investing into LA, San Diego, or Bay areas right now. If you’re already in a holding pattern and are looking for a good time to sell, now might be a good time to start the process.

Concerns seem to lie not so much in that home values are at risk of dropping anytime soon, but that the risk of prices peaking and then falling will rise sharply each year. One can never know what will spark the end of a boom or when it will happen, this is where many California markets stand right now. With huge amounts of continued growth, we are seeing a lot of California money being invested in our home state of Utah.