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Your trusted partner in securing your financial future through self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges. Here, you’ll discover the experiences and success stories of our valued clients who have reaped the benefits of our unparalleled expertise and customer service. Our clients share their insights on our tailored solutions, attentive support, and commitment to helping them achieve their financial goals. Explore these testimonials and learn how 1031 Exchange Place has made a difference in the lives of our clients and how we can do the same for you. Let us be your guide to financial success through the power of tax-deferred exchanges and self-directed IRA investments.

After calling 1031 Exchange Place I had an outstanding experience talking with Nate. He answered all my questions regarding my IRA and helped me switch it to a self-directed IRA to start investing in real estate with it. I can't praise them enough for their exceptional customer service and their ability to make the whole process easy and straightforward. Nate was patient, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful with all of my questions and concerns regarding the setup of my account. He took the time to explain everything to me in detail, which allowed me to have a better understanding of the whole process. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get my account up and running with 1031 Exchange Place. And thanks to Nate, I was able to choose the right investment that aligned with my goals and investment strategy. Overall, I highly recommend 1031 Exchange Place for anyone looking to invest in commercial real estate through an IRA account. Their team is professional, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, willing to assist you every step of the way. Thank you, Nate, and thank you, 1031 Exchange Place!

I recently set up an IRA real estate investment account with 1031 Exchange Place, and I could not be happier with the experience. The process was not only straightforward and easy to navigate, but the team, and in particular Nate, went above and beyond to make it as effortless as possible. From the moment I made initial contact with 1031 Exchange Place, their professionalism and expertise were immediately apparent. The process was clear, taking the time to explain every step in detail, ensuring I was comfortable before moving forward. Their wealth of knowledge and patience made what could have been a daunting task, a surprisingly simple process. Working with Nate was an absolute delight. He was consistently responsive, approachable, and incredibly patient, which made a significant difference in my experience. His deep understanding of the real estate investment landscape was evident, and he was more than willing to share this knowledge in a way that was easy for a novice investor like me to understand. Beyond his knowledge, Nate's sincere commitment to my needs was what really set him apart. He demonstrated a genuine interest in helping me make the best investment decision for my situation. It was refreshing to feel valued as a customer and to know that Nate was always looking out for my best interest.